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ADSR – Envelope Generator / Dual VCA

NIDI ADSR - Envelope Generator / Dual VCA

NIDI ADSR – Envelope Generator / Dual VCA

The envelope generator with two VCAs (Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers) is a versatile tool in sound synthesis. It shapes the dynamics of a sound by controlling its amplitude over time. The envelope generator typically consists of stages like Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release (ADSR), which allow for precise control over the envelope’s shape. The two VCAs provide additional flexibility, enabling independent manipulation of different aspects of the sound or CV amplitude. This setup is commonly used in synthesizers to craft expressive and dynamic sounds across various genres of music.

Attack, Decay, Sustain & Release knobs.Out 1 Level, Out 2 Level and Out 3 Level knobs.
2x Gate in.
Out 1: Envelope Out and INV Envelope Out
Out 2: VCA1 In (+ normalized) and VCA1 Out/ENV Out
Out 3: VCA2 In (+ normalized) and VCA2 Out/INV ENV Out

Envelope LED indication.


Part of the Synthesizer Modular

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