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424 Synthesizer Modular

424 Synthesizer Modular

1. MIDIGate – MIDIGate
5. NurkVCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator
6. ALFO – Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator

2. NurkVCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator
3. NurkVCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator
4. Arch VCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator
7. Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier with Attenuator

2. NurkVCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator
3. Arch VCO MKII – Voltage Controlled Oscillator
4. Arch VCO MKII – Voltage Controlled Oscillator
6. VCO 700 – Voltage Controlled Filter

1. Envelope Follower with Preamplifier
2. Voltage Controlled Diode Ladder Filter
4. VCF1 Custom – Voltage Controlled filter
5. VCF1 Custom – Voltage Controlled filter



Ninjani Diskus
Ninjani Diskus

Minimaeen 424

Minimaeen MM-424

Minimaeen 424

Minimaeen is a little analogue bass/effect synth, with very kool sound tweaking abilities.

Built around 2 Philips NE5517. Its oscillator has selectable square and triangle wave output. Diode ladder filter with it’s screaming cutoff and resonance, makes tweaking a joy.

Minimaeen has a low frequency oscillator that can be routed to the voltage controlled oscillator or the filter cutoff.

The envelope can be trigged by pulse or a push-button on the panel controlling the voltage controlled amplifier or/and cutoff frequency. Continue reading Minimaeen 424

Ninjani Bassline

Video of first test of ”Ninjani Bassline” back in 2008.

Why I posted this now is because I just dug it up again and dusted it off, then decided to finally finish building it. So you can expect new pictures and maybe a new video of the finished synth soon.

What needs to be done is merely cosmetic, knobs , panel layout and minor final fine tuning adjustments.

“Ninjani Bassline” is a essential sequential analog synthesizer I built in 2008. It has a VCO, 2 AR Envelopes, VCF, VCA and a 16 step sequencer.

1 x VCO -Voltage controlled oscillator – OTA. Square and sawtooth wave.
1 x VCF – Voltage controlled filter – Sallen Key, Korg MS-20 type clone. Low-pass & High-pass.
2 x EG – Envelope generator – Basic envelope attack and release.
1 x VCA – Voltage controlled Amplifier – OTA Based.
1x Sequencer – “16 steps VCO pitch” or “8 steps VCO pitch and VCF cutoff”