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Paza Rahm – Uuuurururururkkk!!! (Music Tracker Video)

“Uuuurururururkkk!!!” by Paza Rahm from “Amigo EP”

“Hush-hush and gather all your dearest vertebrates, obtain and dust off those good old sombreros, snag a few glow sticks and flock around the fancy disposable charcoal grill and hearken to some scary old tales about extinct Amiga computers, peevish rave-nerds, gasping damsels, despaired goth-emos and delighted religious devotees! But remember, NO FISHING today, ’cause you kids know what happened last time, don’t you… Oh well, at least the pug dog knows.”


Originally released through The X-Dump before the inception of their digital sublabel x-duMP3.

Ninjani Diskus
Ninjani Diskus