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HM424 - Distrotion
HM424 – Distrotion

My clone of the” The HM-2 Heavy Metal” pedal, a legend for those who play Death Metal music, named “HM-424” in Eurorack format.
Insane amount of boost and tone-shaping.
The high and low EQ controls are +/-20dB peaking filters at ~88Hz and ~1000Hz.
Swedish Death Metal Chainsaw Buzzsaw sound.

Part of the Guitar/Bass Modular.


Ninjani Diskus
Ninjani Diskus

Speak & Math

Circuit Bent Speak & Math
Ciruit Bent Speak & Math

Speak & Math
This is my Circuit Bent Speak & Math. As of now it has Volume knob, Pitch knob, 6 push buttons for Loops and Glitches, Oscillator button, Vocal filter and more. I will be adding and Improving it still with midi and stuff but it looks like this at the moment…Ill add audiosamples soon. I also have a Speak & Read I will be showing soon, when i get to work on these more.

  • 1. Volume
  • 2. Pitch
  • 3. 6x Loops and Glitches
  • 4. Oscillator trig
  • 5. Vocal Filter Cutoff and Resonance
  • 6. Starve*


Ninjani Diskus
Ninjani Diskus

Thumb Screwer


Thumb Screwer – Overdrive

Thumb Screwer is based on the “Legendary” Tube Screamer (TS808/TS9)
Great overdrive with mix piecing nice mids.
Extra tone shaping functions like “Bass boost” and “Diode clipping – (Odd/Even)” settings added.

Part of the Guitar/Bass Modular.

  • Tone, Drive and Level.
  • Bass boost, Bypass and Diode Odd/Even wave shape switches with led indicators.


Guitar/Bass Modular

Row 1

  1. (B)assman – Tube Preamplifier
  2. Alemthicc – Tube Preamplifier
  3. Watamp – Tube Preamplifier
  4. Dual Patch 1 In / 3 out
  5. 3 Channel Pan Stereo Mixer

Row 2

  1. Thumb Screwer – Overdrive
  2. HM-424 – Distrotion
  3. Puust – Booster/Clipper
  4. Sombressor – Compressor/Noisegate/Preamp
  5. Femder – Speaker Cabinet Simulator
  6. Warshall – Speaker Cabinet Simulator