Minimaeen 424

Minimaeen MM-424

Minimaeen 424

Minimaeen is a little analogue bass/effect synth, with very kool sound tweaking abilities.

Built around 2 Philips NE5517. Its oscillator has selectable square and triangle wave output. Diode ladder filter with it’s screaming cutoff and resonance, makes tweaking a joy.

Minimaeen has a low frequency oscillator that can be routed to the voltage controlled oscillator or the filter cutoff.

The envelope can be trigged by pulse or a push-button on the panel controlling the voltage controlled amplifier or/and cutoff frequency.

Mostly used by Paza Rahm Live as effect synth.

Minimaeen audio examples:

Paza Rahm – ‘minimaeen’ she told me from Female by The X-Dump

Bubbleminumaeen – random sequence with manual VCF tweakin’

Diststairminimaeen – Stairway generator plugged into the minimaeen with devilS Pruit dist on.


Minimaeen Setup:

1 x LFO – ASM-1 LFO – with square/tri to VCO or VCF.
1 x VCO – NE5517 – with square/tri out.
1 x VCF – Diode ladder – LP filter with resonance.
1 x EG – EG – Decay knob.
1 x VCA – NE5517 VCA.
Pitch, Gate &  Filter Cutoff CV inputs.

Minimaeen MM-424 Back

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