Devils Yell 424

devils yell 424 MKII

This is the devilS Yell, the “all mighty phunky scratching device”
I mostly use it for tryin to scratch kool rythm thingies,
but you can use it for whatever wierd soundz you can imagine ;P

I have made several of these in the 90´s and 00´s.

You can also hear it in action in the end of the track “Dark” by Paza Rahm

The first knob is th’ tone control, th’ next the carrier vco into the ringmodulator.
Between the knobs and the red button theres the LDR that controls the main vco ;D
The red button trigger the vca. On th’ side theres a switch whit you can choose between the “clean” and ringmodulated sound.
It works on a single 9v battery.


Devils Yell MKI
Devils Yell MKI
Devils Yell MKI

Or what`?

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